Our Complete List of Pet Grooming Services

Booking regular pet grooming appointments for your four-legged friend does not just keep them pretty, it keeps them healthy and happy. If you are considering the assistance of a specialist on a regular basis, see what the team at Happy Paws in Palm Bay, FL can provide for you.

Pet groomer

Pet Groomer

Dog Grooming

We specialize in all breeds, sizes, and age. We have taken care of the dogs from the following breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, Bichon, Airedale, Lhasa, Labrador, Samoyed, Scottish Terrier, Sheltie, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Maltese, Poodle, Springer Spaniel, Westie, Wheaton, and more.

Flea & Tick Treatment

If a dog brought to our shop has fleas or ticks, we immediately separate them from the rest of the animals and bath them while at the same time carefully remove any ticks. If we notice that your pet does have ticks, we will advise you to go buy a special collar before you pick up your pet. It will help you control the pests.

Cat Grooming

The prices for cats vary depending on the condition of their coats. Short hairs are relatively easy to handle while long-haired breeds require some extra attention. Whatever type of coat your kitty has, we are sure to help make it soft and shiny.

Full Groom Programs

Our full groom programs are available to both dog and cats and include services such as bathing, washing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, tooth brushing, conditioner, special treatments, and much more. If you want more details, please call. We will be happy to answer your questions.

“Puppy Limousine”

For those of you unable to drive to our facility in Palm Bay, FL, we offer a special transportation service that covers pick up & delivery. Bear in mind that the charge is not included in the actual grooming fees.

As you will see when you arrive at Happy Paws, we keep our facility very neat and clean at all times. Doing this will assure your beloved pets will never come in contact with pests from our establishment. For more details or a quote, dial (321) 344-8988 now. We expect to hear from you soon!

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