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Happy Paws
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 24 reviews
by Naomi on Happy Paws
Super happy customer

Michelle D. Was so sweet and very professional. I love the way she cut my dogs hair. One thing l noticed about my dog, when l went to pick him up he was not stressed out, which for me is a big thing plus! Thank you guys for such a wonderful place!

by Jan on Happy Paws
Excellent Grooming

I brought our rescue Coton de Tulear, Coconut, to be groomed today. The groomer did excellent work and he looks amazing. Thank you for a fantastic job! The staff was friendly, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

by Linda Ruggiano on Happy Paws
Finally got the dog cut I wanted.

My pepe is 8 years old and has been groomed alot but never to my satisfaction. Happy Paws did it exactly the way I wanted. I'll be back.

by Mary J. Peck on Happy Paws

Your dog and cat grooming are perfect. I have four cats and a German shepherd. You would not believe that I once refused to have pets. Now I can't get enough of it and I'm fanatically devoted to them. So I'm happy that I can take advantage of your services. You have my gratitude!

by Joseph N. Stevens on Happy Paws
Always Helpful

Your professional dog grooming deserves nothing but good words from me. My dog was well-fed and groomed by you and all the things that I wanted from you were fulfilled. Now I can rest easy, knowing that you can be entrusted with this matter and that the results will always satisfy me. Thank you!

by Frieda M. Henault on Happy Paws
Amazing Work

You are the place for puppy grooming and you are more than simply a professional. I see that your business is run like a family with lots of love. All the people who leave their dogs for grooming say only good things about you and I joined their ranks quickly. You will be recommended to other people, I promise.

by Paul H. Chavez on Happy Paws
The Best Thing for My Puppy

You are the best groomer that I've seen. All the things that a dog groomer must do are part of your expertise. During my absence, I was happy to know that my doggy is in the hands of a caring person. I wish you many years of exciting work, as I see that you really enjoy it. Thanks a bunch!

by Cara D. Mathis on Happy Paws
Thank You

You're really pet lovers! My little Lucy got the best pet groomer. She was well-fed, groomed, and in a perfect mood after I returned. You really realized how I love that furry thing and how important is to make sure that she is happy. Your business deserves no less than 5 stars. Thank you so much for your amazing service!

by Taylor S. Rodriguez on Happy Paws
Amazing Service

My pet and I love my pet groomer so much. You are the best one who handles my pet. You are good at what you do that I can tell my pup loves you so much. It is something he looks forward to.

by Adam A. Garduno on Happy Paws
Awesome Groomer

The dog groomer we go to is awesome! This specialist does something extra like giving my dog a treat and talking to my pet. I think that is what makes this expert extra special.

by Cheryl D. Garza on Happy Paws
Real Pros

The puppy grooming experts who take care of our pups do a very good job. I like the way that these experts handle them—with extra care and love. They take time to play with them too. Only professionals do these things.

by Bill K. Church on Happy Paws
I Trust No One Else

I only go to this company when it comes to professional dog grooming. I have seen how these professionals handle dogs. I am impressed at how they do the shampooing and the trimming, plus everything else. It is simply extraordinary.

by Evelia N. Daniels on Happy Paws
I Love the Service

My cat and dog belong in this place. The dog and cat grooming experts of this place make you feel that they love my pets just as much as I do them. This is important to me.

by Ignacio D. Bass on Happy Paws
You Are So Helpful

Solitude is so anxiety-inducing to my doggy. But what can I do? I had to be out of town so often in the last few months. Luckily, you are are the company I can turn to in every moment. You are in love with your work, that is easy to see. Thank you for your care and attention!

by Tasha B. Davis on Happy Paws
You Did Good

Dogs don't like bathing. Now that's funny unless you're the one who's bathing the poor creature. I didn't want to make my fluffy one suffer but I didn't want it to be dirty either. Then I realized that your local service includes pet bathing. That was exactly what I had been looking for. Thank you!

by Michael S. Fournier on Happy Paws
Excellent Pet Care

Puppies can be more difficult than human babies while being much cuter. All the feeding, all those unexpected sounds, the health risks. I needed puppy grooming during my absences, and you dealt with this task perfectly. I will continue to use your services if need be. You have my thanks!

by Stephanie Ramirez on Happy Paws
They Have Not Failed My Expectations at All

I was looking for a dog and cat grooming service in my area and I’ve come across these guys website. I just tried their services and they have not failed my expectations at all! These people were incredibly great! I love the ambiance and cleanliness of the place. Also, they’re very welcoming as well.

by Angela Morgan on Happy Paws
Great Service

I find their professional dog grooming service great! These guys were very welcoming when we went in and the place was very clean as well. My husky looked so great after they groomed him. I will definitely call them again!

by Carol D. Spencer on Happy Paws
The Place for Dogs

Your business is more useful than you think. I know many dog owners like me and most of them can hardly find time for a night out, let alone something like a road trip without their pets. So that's why I always rely on you for these moments and of course, when my dog needs professional dog grooming.

by Emily Martin on Happy Paws
Great Ambiance and Clean Place

My friend recommended me to try this pet grooming place and I am not disappointed that I did that. I like the ambiance of the place and its very clean as well! I am so glad I trusted these guys and their puppy grooming service.

by Ramon P. Bohannon on Happy Paws
Premium Pet Grooming

You are the place for dog and cat grooming and I learned this the hard way - after spending months trying to do it myself. And I own two dogs and five cats. That's my passion, and it's easy to see that I need services of professionals like you. I'm lucky to have you around.

by Janice Lewis on Happy Paws
Their Service Is Just Spectacular

Great guys! Their service is just spectacular. Thanks to these guys who took care of my cat! Also, I like how great the atmosphere is in this place. I will definitely get in touch with these guys again!

by Shirley Anderson on Happy Paws
Best Pet Groomer

I am so happy that I went to try out the services of this pet grooming facility! This is by far the best pet groomer that I went to. I love that their place is clean and they are very good at handling my dog. Excellent groomers! Also, they have a very friendly atmosphere here, which makes it even great!

by Anne Beans on Happy Paws
Thank You

I am super happy with their work. They make Sonny very happy. Her fur is so soft every time I pick her up from the shop. The groomer is very devoted to her work and the results serve as proof of how professional she is. Thank you again for the excellent services. Keep up the good work!

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